Mission Statement

At Tir na nÓg Preschool we consider it vital to provide each child with a safe environment in which they can grow and learn as an individual. We aim to provide each child with a positive foundation for all their future learning and growth situations. The child is seen as an individual and every measure shall be taken to encourage and promote the child in the first journey through education and learning.

We are committed to offering access to all parents/guardians or interested parties and children, inclusive of special needs, cultural, financial, and religious background. We are committed to providing a stimulating, creative, fun, and safe environment to meet the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical developmental needs of your child.

We are committed to implementing Siolta and putting play at the centre of our service.
We consider it important that each child is made feel safe and welcome in their new environment to ensure that they feel comfortable with being away from home.



We wish to provide a home from home atmosphere at our childcare centre.

To make quality, affordable childcare accessible to all families from the community and surrounding areas from all ethnic groups.

To provide a safe environment in which children are encouraged to play and share new experiences together.

To highlight the importance of play in children’s development. 

To promote pre-school development of children in accordance with the Childcare Regulations and parents’ wishes.

To promote the active participation of parents in the activities of the service.


Key Person Approach

In Tir na nOg we operate the Key Person approach. We believe that children settle best when they have a key person to relate to, who knows them and their parents well, and who can meet their individual needs. 

Research shows that a key person approach benefits the child, the parents, the staff and the setting by providing secure relationships in which children thrive, parents have confidence, staff are committed and the preschool is a happy and dedicated place to attend and work in. 

 In Tir na nOg we want all our children to feel safe, stimulated and happy, and to feel secure and comfortable with staff, and we believe the key person approach is the best way to achieve this. 

While the key person will share the closest bond with the child, the child will also be encouraged to build a relationship with the other adults in the setting.  This is important as the child needs to feel supported on the occasions that their key person is not available to them.


Safety Statement

It is the policy of Tir na nÓg Preschool to comply with all Childcare Regulations.

The preschool service will ensure the health, well-being, and personal safety of all children using this service.

It is our intention to follow all accident prevention and emergency procedures agreed and shared with all facility users. 


Inspection Reports

Click the below links to see our inspection reports.

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Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday

9:30am – 12:30pm

 Holidays are in line with the local National School

The usual adult:child ratio in a preschool setting is 1:11.  We are operating a ratio of 1:6, with the maximum number of children 22.


Ecce Scheme Information

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